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13-May-2020, 11:32 AM

Star Wars: Blackened Mantle (Star Wars prequels) - Darth Lunar

Japanese 3-in-1 edit of the Star Wars prequels.
Dialogue is Japanese - no problem. Creative, alternative subs, although they are hardsubs.
Compelling reconstruction of the narrative. Phantom Menace footage limited to several flashback sequences of young Anakin. Jar Jar, pod-racing, and babble all removed.
Apprentice Anakin becomes unbalanced following his combat with Dooku; the Jedi Council try to help him, the Emperor tries to exploit.
The alternative story and resurrection of Darth Maul is inspired.

The edit contains problems, however, that might have been smoothed over or eliminated had the unit that created this reached out and sought feedback from better known fan-editing sites.
The parade of flashbacks often get confusing, and the storyline stumbles at times.
Clones and Revenge ping pong back and forth, and viewers are left to gauge hairstyles to keep up.
There are an excessive amount of fades, noticeable in a series which favors wipes.
Nonetheless, worthwhile for Jedi fans.