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Info: All Star Wars films released in 4K HDR on Disney Plus: 2019 SE with more changes
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13-May-2020, 6:50 AM

JasonA said:

Additional changes made for 4K, according to Bill Hunt at the Digital Bits:

Unfortunately, as you may have heard by now, there’s been another change to the Han/Greedo scene. And it’s even more jarring than before. After Han says his iconic line, “Yes, I’ll bet you have,” the film now cuts back to a quick shot of Greedo again, who mutters an additional bit of Rodian dialogue (non-subtitled), before they both shoot at once, Han’s head weirdly shifts to one side, and Greedo falls.

I decided to delve a bit further into the new Solo/Greedo shootout.

This sequence has 14 frames–6 frames more than 2011 cut.  Ironic is that the 8-frame scene in the 2011 cut had 3 laser-fire exchanges, where as in the 14-frame 2019 version, one laser-fire discharge was removed.