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Star Wars: The Clone Wars To Return With New Episodes
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13-May-2020, 3:19 AM

DominicCobb said:

Cthulhunicron said:

So padme is supposed to already be 8-9 months pregnant when we first see her in ROTS?

Yes and I believe this has always been the case.

But does this make any sense? If she was that pregnant, would her reveal be necessary? Wouldn’t Anakin know when he picks her up during that spinning hug he gives her? Could they even do that safely with her in that condition? Can anybody explain this? If George’s intention was that, yes, ROTS is set over the course of about a week, then I don’t see the need to blame The Clone Wars for this as I initially was. If not, well, I’d like somebody to explain all this weirdness to me or at least let me know who’s to blame.