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The Rise Of Skywalker — Official Review and Opinions Thread
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10-May-2020, 7:35 PM

Ryan-SWI said:

idir_hh said:

When I think of Rey’s character, what come to mind is an A-sexual Xbox avatar.

That’s an insult to Xbox avatars.

RogueLeader said:

You know, it is kind of surprising that they went into this trilogy knowing the main character would be female, but they didn’t seem to even consider hiring a female writer. I mean, clearly there were female cooks in the kitchen early on, like Kennedy and Hart. And I’m not saying men can’t write women characters, but I feel like Rey might’ve lacked something that a female writer really could’ve provided for her.

Rey is far from the biggest issue with Disney’s films. Even if she were expertly written the trilogy would still be hot trash from a story perspective.

I absolutely cannot fathom how anyone could defend TROS without being drunk out of their mind


I can’t fathom why people talking about something they like - or the things they liked in it is seen as ‘defending’ the film.

ooj is right when he says people in fandom look to take sides when talking about films; attack and defend is the mindset for so many people over the past few years. Not which scene was good, or okay, or mixed, or out of place, or jarring, or awful - it is all or nothing for many.

Defend and attack? No thankyou.

But I will talk about what I liked - I must be drunk out of mind a lot! 😉 (but I am not drunk out of mind when I talk about the things I didn’t like, eh?)