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The Essential Star Wars Animated Series Episodes for Movie Marathon Inclusion
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9-May-2020, 12:57 PM
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S1E1, S1E2 The Recruit
Kazuda Xiono is recruited by Poe Dameron.

S6E6 The Children From Tehar
Kaz learns of a bounty on two runaway children.

S1E7 Signal From Sector Six
Kaz goes on a training exercise with Poe.

S1E9 The Platform Classic
Yeager’s estranged younger brother visits the Colossus.

S1E11 Station Theta Black
General Organa has an assignment for Poe and Kaz.

S1E6 The New Trooper
Kaz infiltrates the First Order.

S1E17 The Core Problem
Kaz accompanies Poe on a mission to the Unknown Regions.

S1E19 The Descent
S1E20,S1E21 No Escape
The Colossus meets up with events from The Force Awakens.

S1E1 Into the Unknown
The Colossus comes out of hyperspace in an unknown region.

S2E5 The Engineer
Kaz and Synara rescue an engineer.

S2E7 The Relic Raiders
An ancient Sith temple is discovered.

S2E8 Rendezvous Point
Captain Doza uses a signal beacon for a reunion.

S2E11 Station to Station
Kaz, Neeku, and CB-23 go on a mission to steal parts for the Colossus from the First Order.

S2E12 The Missing Agent
S2E13 Breakout
Kaz, Yeager, CB-23 and Synara travel to rescue a Resistance operative.

S2E17 Rebuilding the Resistance
S2E18, S2E19 The Escape
Tam leads a mission to stop the evacuation of Resistance recruits on Dantooine. Supreme Leader Kylo Ren orders Pyre and Tierny to destroy the Colossus.