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The Essential Star Wars Animated Series Episodes for Movie Marathon Inclusion
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The Clone Wars

S1E9 - Cloak of Darkness
This is a great episode that features Ahsoka Tano, Jedi Master Luminara Unduli, and Asajj Ventress.

S1E22 - Hostage Crisis
Anakin takes on a group of bounty hunters including Cad Bane who have taken over the senate building.

S2E4 - Senate Spy
Some interesting drama between Anakin, Padme, and a former acquaintance of hers.

S2E10 - The Deserter
Insightful look into clones and choices.

S2E11 - Lightsaber Lost
A fun Ahsoka Tano episode.

S2E13 - The Mandalore Plot
S2E14 - Voyage of Temptation
S2E15 - Duchess of Mandalore
A trilogy of episodes full of important information regarding Obi-Wan and the Mandalorians. These are some of my favorite episodes.

S3E9 Hunt for Ziro
More Cad Bane and Quinlan Vos.

S3E12 Nightsisters
S3E13 Monster
S3E14 Witches of the Mist
Another trilogy of episodes that take a look into Count Dooku, Asajj Ventress, and her home world.

S3E15 Overlords
S3E16 Altar of Mortis
S3E17 Ghosts of Mortis
A three episode arc that deals with Anakin, the prophecy of the chosen one, and impactful information down the line for the Rebels animated series.

S4E7 Darkness on Umbara
S4E8 The General
S4E9 Plan of Dissent
S4E10 Carnage of Krell
A four part story focusing on clones that raises more thought provoking questions regarding their roles, personal identities, and freedom.

S4E21 Brothers
S4E22 Revenge
An important character returns.

S5E14 Eminence
S5E15 Shades of Reason
S5E16 The Lawless
An impactful group of episodes for multiple characters and storylines. A must see in my opinion.

S5E17 Sabotage
S5E18 The Jedi Who Knew Too Much
S5E19 To Catch A Jedi
S5E20 The Wrong Jedi
The Jedi must solve the mystery of a terrorist bombing at the Jedi temple. These are my very favorite episodes of the entire series.

S6E1 Unknown
S6E2 Conspiracy
S6E3 Fugitive
S6E4 Orders
More information on Order 66.

S6E10 The Lost Ones
Who was Sifo-Dyas?

S6E11 Voices
S6E12 Destiny
S6E13 Sacrifice
Yoda goes on a journey to learn more about the Force.

S7E9 Old Friends Not forgotten
S7E10 The Phantom Apprentice
S7E11 Shattered
S7E12 Victory and Death
The Ahsoka and Mandalorian plotlines collide with events from Revenge of the Sith.