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Adaman Kenobi
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The Essential Star Wars Animated Series Episodes for Movie Marathon Inclusion
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9-May-2020, 10:47 AM

dgraham414 said:

I think it would be great to include Ahsoka’s intro but cut the Jabba subplot. Add in something else like clone cadets and the battle of Kamino. Then do Morris. Then do the intro of Savage and Maul. Then Ahsoka leaving. Then the chip episodes, yodas quest, then siege of Mandalore

Agreed on wanting to include Ahsoka’s introduction from the Clone Wars Movies but not wanting to really sit through the whole movie.

What other episodes from Clone Wars 2003 can we include? Definitely the final episode on the Attack on Coruscant. I would place that right before Clone Wars S7- 09 “Old Friends Not Forgotten”.

Rebels- I would definitely incorporate the inclusions of Vader, Ashoka, Maul, and Rex in S2, and Maul and Obi Wan in S3. How can we condense the rest of the series so we can introduce the new characters into the fold and follow their stories to a conclusion before “Rogue One?”