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8-May-2020, 6:00 PM

Hitchhikers - Wayne Workman

Drifters and thumb waving travelers catch a ride … with a catch.
They have to share their stories. Who they are, where they are from, how did they get that way.
Half hour one-off was a proposed pitch for reality series that was never picked up.
Too bad. It is more imaginative and less padded than the majority of cable time wasters.

Several people, myself included, from the FanEdit community helped or advised Wayne while he was crafting this.
Neglify edited the raw footage, many previewed, I wrote up a hundred questions Wayne could ask riders on subsequent episodes.
Everyone offered suggestions. From the small maps, subtitles for the mush-mouthed or road noise, to the female VO narrator (I believe she was Wayne’s girlfriend).
I don’t know how much Wayne spent. It was all his dime, but we were dead certain it would get picked up.
Except it didn’t.
Like I wrote, this show was creative and I think there would have been an audience.
Enough time has passed now, I don’t think Wayne will mind me posting it.