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Dom's (Possibly) Useful TROS Edit (WIP)
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7-May-2020, 3:29 PM

Hey Dom, really great stuff so far. I’m definitely keeping an eye on this edit.

Regarding the opening crawl: I totally agree with the need for some sort of hope as reference to Luke at the end of TLJ, and in fact I would prefer a more direct reference (“Inspired by the sacrifice/final act of Luke Skywalker, …”). Either way, however, do you think a new title crawl that references the hope of the galaxy would fit with the rooftop Zorri/Poe scene where Poe claims that the galaxy is still too scared to fight after the battle of Crait?

Also, a potentially odd suggestion after watching the movie again last night… I think D-0 might be improved if he didn’t speak in complete first-person sentences. Examples:

Poe: What, coneface?
D-0: I am D-0.
Poe: Sorry, “D-0.”


Poe: What, coneface?
D-0: D-0
Poe: Sorry, D-0


D-0: I miss her.
Finn: I miss her too.


D-0: Miss her.
Finn: I miss her too.

I think this would fit better with his general character; he’s timid, stuttering, old and unmaintained, and the least anthropomorphic droid in the cast, so it’s odd to me that he speaks like a person while R2 and BB-8 cannot.