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Revenge of the Sith (The New Canon Cut) [DRAFT AVAILABLE]
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6-May-2020, 5:03 PM
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6-May-2020, 6:59 PM
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Heard, on the baby talk. I’ll tweak it.

Delpheas said:

I think that I’d the one that now goes “Kenobi? Not Skywalker? How disappointing.”

Nah, that’s earlier. What they’re referring to, I just straight up cut out everything after “You fool…”

Y3ldarb said:
Watching some of the clips again, I think Anakin’s “Whoa-hoho!” line (during the Battle of Coruscant scene when him and Obi-Wan are evading a group of missiles) felt weird. I don’t know if it was Matt Lanter’s voice, but all I know is that it didn’t sound like Hayden Christensen, so I couldn’t tell who exclaimed that line when I first watched the clip.

It’s actually Hayden himself. xP

Also, I can’t seem to figure out what Anakin says after he jumps back into the elevator. (The line before Obi-Wan says, “Oh, it’s you!”) I guess you could either up the volume on it, or just cut it entirely. If you’d do the latter, I think the scene would be completely fine without it. You already have lots of good Obi and Anakin banter edited in, so getting rid of the line wouldn’t affect what you’re shooting for at all.

“Good view from up there.”

I know I overdo it sometimes, so I’m still trying to find a balance - but Ani/Obi in TCW almost never shut up together lmao. Maybe it was just me, but I found that keeping Hayden mostly quiet in any scene during this opening subconsciously brought me back to the original portrayal. Anakin is a confident outgoing jock in The Clone Wars, while Hayden naturally has this more reserved, sullen edge that comes through when he isn’t speaking. I gave him a lot of extra one-liners and laughter to facilitate the change in personality. Overcompensating so that he feels the way he does in TCW every time he needs to.

Lastly, if you added laughter when R2 zooms into the hallway where Obi, Anakin, and the Chancellor are stuck in the ray shield, I can’t completely tell if it’s laughter. Since R2’s scream is so loud, and the fact that the whole banter/bit about patience is already being played for laughs (some people may chuckle and not even hear the added laugter) and the banter is akin to Anakin acting like a brother to Obi-Wan (essentially saying “Bro. R2 knows what he’s doing. Just trust him. He’ll be here in no time to set us free.”), I think the laughter should just be removed. The laughter doesn’t really add anything (and frankly, doesn’t make much sense in the moment since Anakin is being semi-serious towards Obi.) Just my opinion.

And this is another example of how I’m compensating for Hayden v Lanter.

I actually agree that the comedic scenario in which Obi-Wan is unconvinced and Anakin isn’t is already kinda funny, but I deliberately sacrificed it to portray Obi-Wan as trusting of Anakin and his judgement. The original leaned too close to Obi-Wan’s chiding of him in AotC; I felt having them laugh together is a contrast to that.

This could all be a personal issue on my part, though.

PierreDelec2 said:
Finally, the final duel between Anakin and Obi-Wan felt far too silent. I know my opinion on this probably differs from most because I have come to love the silliness of the dialogue in ROTS, but I really missed having Anakin reply to Obi Wan with “I should have known the Jedi were plotting to take over.” Having Anakin just stand there silently as Obi Wan speaks to him felt awkward. Without his replies to keep momentum going, the segment just goes on too long. But moreover, because of the edits you’ve made I actually think this line makes more sense than it does in the original cut. Originally Anakin’s “point of view” sounds totally absurd, but with the changes you have made to his motivations and the extra context of the clone wars, I think Anakin’s conclusion that the Jedi were attempting to overthrow the chancellor makes sense. The line is made far less silly when your edit shows Mace, Yoda, and Obi Wan explicitly consider arresting the chancellor.

Anyway, these were just a couple of my thoughts. I really enjoy what you have done with this film. It’s amazing how much Hayden’s performance can be improved with the addition of just a few giggles. Can’t wait to see how this project develops in the wake of the Clone Wars finale.

This was actually a change I was going to try and put on whatever I release next, or the final version. But I was going to remove “I should have known…” and “From my point of view…” so that they’re more firm stances Anakin is taking. It feels more stubborn and in that sense, more grasping for justification, than a misguided sense of enlightenment.