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Revenge of the Sith (The New Canon Cut) [DRAFT AVAILABLE]
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6-May-2020, 3:57 PM
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6-May-2020, 4:58 PM
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I’m absolutely loving this edit! I just have a few issues.
Watching some of the clips again, I think Anakin’s “Whoa-hoho!” line (during the Battle of Coruscant scene when him and Obi-Wan are evading a group of missiles) felt weird. I don’t know if it was Matt Lanter’s voice, but all I know is that it didn’t sound like Hayden Christensen, so I couldn’t tell who exclaimed that line when I first watched the clip.
I know you’re trying to blend Matt with Hayden in more ways than one, but I just don’t think it works here.

I can’t seem to figure out what Anakin says after he jumps back into the elevator. (The line before Obi-Wan says, “Oh, it’s you!”) I guess you could either up the volume on it, or just cut it entirely. If you do the latter, I think the scene would be completely fine without it. You already have lots of good Obi and Anakin banter edited in, so getting rid of the line wouldn’t affect what you’re shooting for at all.

If you added laughter when R2 zooms into the hallway where Obi, Anakin, and the Chancellor are stuck in the ray shield, I can’t completely tell if it’s laughter upon first watching the scene. Since R2’s scream is so loud, and the fact that the whole banter/bit about patience is already being played for laughs (some people may chuckle and not even hear the added laugter) and the banter is akin to Anakin acting like a brother to Obi-Wan (essentially saying “Bro. R2 knows what he’s doing. Just trust him. He’ll be here in no time to set us free.”), I think the laughter should just be removed. The laughter doesn’t really add anything and almost just feels like a laugh track (and frankly, the laughter doesn’t make much sense in the moment since Anakin is being semi-serious towards Obi.) Just my opinion.

Anakin’s “Show’s over!” line when he fetches his lightsaber from Grevious could use a slight increase in volume.

Again, great stuff. I’d love to show this to a friend in place of the original Revenge of the Sith when I finish showing him all of Clone Wars!