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Adaman Kenobi
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Anyone else think Empire Strikes Back's Special Edition is actually better than the Theatrical Cut?
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6-May-2020, 11:19 AM

ray_afraid said:

Adaman Kenobi said:

Amongst the ESB Changes, I’m caught in the middle:

The Wampa Cave: I like the original suspense of not seeing the monster, but it just comes out of nowhere once Luke is freed, which is a bit of a continuity issue for me.

Luke is struggling to free himself in time. He’s woken by the creatures roar & it’s clear that it’s on it’s way. It doesn’t “come out of nowhere.” The scene makes sense.

Yes He hears it off in the distance, and in the original cut we get a glimpse of it lurking behind some ice, but in the wide shot of Luke falling, it’s not close enough to attack him right afterwards, hence the continuity issue for me.

In my cut, I keep the original cut until Luke frees himself, then I use the SE edition shot of Luke Falling free that includes the Wampa approaching from behind for a split second, and I kept the SE shot that shows the Wampa screaming with his arm cut off. The result maintains the “Jaws” suspense of the original, makes Luke’s fall more urgent, and gives the viewer the payoff of finally seeing the Wampa for half a second before Luke runs.