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Revenge of the Sith (The New Canon Cut) [DRAFT AVAILABLE]
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5-May-2020, 7:41 AM
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Artan42 said:
By the point Anakin arrives late to the briefing wouldn’t Ahsoka already have captured Maul rather than just having arrived on Mandalore?

I don’t think so, she hadn’t even had her second confrontation with Maul by the time Anakin had gotten his assignment and Obi-Wan was departing for Utapau. Remember, she and Obi-Wan are interrupted by the attack where Maul captures Jesse.

Leave out ‘What have I done?’, I think it’s right that the different voice can be interpreted as internal thoughts.

In this WIP clip, I toyed with idea of Hayden’s “What have I done?” as something Yoda hears. Rogue was right in saying that it’s fun to see instances of the film in TCW and vice versa, so maybe this is a way to have the line still happen in both; Yoda and Ahsoka both hear his internal doubt, but it’s nothing Anakin says out loud, or anything he feels early on in his decision.

The added dialogue of ‘Luke’s Father Wanted Him To Have This, When He Was Old Enough’ is still quite difficult to hear. I can make most of it out but the transition from ‘how old were you when…’ to ‘I want to have our baby…’ is quite abrupt as the second line is much louder.

Hm, this is another one that’s difficult for me. Not only do the new lines sound about at level with the theatrical lines (or at least quieter than them in the way they should be) to me, the waveforms are working out as well, and no one else is telling me this. (which, pls step forward if it does).

As for the colour grade, RotS has always been one of the best looking SW films that never got damaged as much as it got transferred between mediums. It has some issues where whites look tan and greys look blue and a lot of busy elements in places. I don’t think a full regrade would work for RotS, I think it’d have to be taken scene by scene to sort out. Comparer how blue the interior of the Invisible Hand is in RotS to the CIS ships in TCW and how busy the bridge looks compared to the ones in TCW.

I think ultimately I’m leaning towards not even grading it. I always say I’m going to get around to putting effort into one real grade with the final cut to work with, but I’ve been putting off finalizing anything forever. So most people already liking how the theatrical looks takes some of the stress off honestly; I don’t have to do anything.

Personally, it does and doesn’t work for me. It does look better than the other prequels, especially as far as BD transfer goes - but it’s still that look, if you know what I mean. My efforts to grade it were in pursuit of how I remember it looking as TV Spots I recorded on VHS in excitement. The pre-release stills in storybooks or released online… This warmer early 2000’s look that just feels right - more cinematic - to the kid in me.

I know that doesn’t mean anything as far as tying it into The Clone Wars (which is why I won’t do it anymore), but we all edit under hypothetical circumstances don’t we? The Clone Wars would still have been released after this in my mind palace/alternate reality, so the show’s nature as primarily a kids cartoon was what would have given the show its more neutered look and feel. Initially, I did feel like TCW could be a more childish take on the prequels, and I wanted the film to feel like an elevation of that material. Not just in storyline, but execution. The humanity Ani/Obi don’t even go all the way in showing in the show as more prevalent, the look more cinematic, etc.

Siege of Mandalore blows this out of the water any way you look at it though, so I don’t quite agree with that sentiment anymore.

Since I posted this in Delpheas’s thread, here’s Dooku’s beheading.