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Revenge of the Sith (The New Canon Cut) [DRAFT AVAILABLE]
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5-May-2020, 5:36 AM

I like all the extra dialogue in the opening scenes (apart from the added laugh when R2 appears during the ray shield trap). Having watched most of TCW very recently the two of them never shut up 😄, it’s constant banter in almost any situation. That fit well when you did your edit of the opening as if it were a TCW episode.

I’m ambivalent towards any of the Kashyyk stuff. If it wasn’t necessary for Yoda I wouldn’t even notice if it was dropped from the film. I’ve always felt it breaks the tone of the film up a bit too much.

By the point Anakin arrives late to the briefing wouldn’t Ahsoka already have captured Maul rather than just having arrived on Mandalore?

Leave out ‘What have I done?’, I think it’s right that the different voice can be interpreted as internal thoughts.

The added dialogue of ‘Luke’s Father Wanted Him To Have This, When He Was Old Enough’ is still quite difficult to hear. I can make most of it out but the transition from ‘how old were you when…’ to ‘I want to have our baby…’ is quite abrupt as the second line is much louder.

You already know my thoughts on Mustafar, any additions or removals you can make to make Padmé a character with agency and her own agenda is welcome.

I don’t know how much you want to be influenced by TCW episodes that never made it to production but series 6 and 7 and deleted arcs involving Yoda and the Bad Batch on Kashyyk so would indicate a Republic presence even before Kai-Adi and MAce agree they need to send an attack group there (maybe add ‘another’ attack group), the other was Padmé returning to Man Cala where she was basically working with the Quarren senator to act against Palpatine, leading into her Rise of the Rebellion’ stuff in your version of RotS. She’s already made her childhood friend Palps into an enemy which puts Anakin, retroactively, being pulled between Palps, Padmé, and the Jedi, meaning both Obi-Wan and Padmé are working off slightly different angles on Mustafar.

On the fence about: Fully removing the scene with Mace/Yoda/Obi-Wan.
I say don’t. The fact Yoda and Mace are happy to create a council within a council is reminiscent of Ahsoka’s trial where it was done with only 5 members and not the full lot, and also they are the main three who are following the whole Sidious and the origins of the clone army plot from TCW series 6.

On the fence about: Leaning towards keeping original “Don’t lecture me Obi-Wan” because I can definitely see how “You weren’t there” doesn’t work seamlessly.
I like both. The former plays into Anakins insecurities about not being a master and being Obi-Wan’s padawan and not his friend, but he latter works towards how isolated Anakin is feeling.

As for the colour grade, RotS has always been one of the best looking SW films that never got damaged as much as it got transferred between mediums. It has some issues where whites look tan and greys look blue and a lot of busy elements in places. I don’t think a full regrade would work for RotS, I think it’d have to be taken scene by scene to sort out. Comparer how blue the interior of the Invisible Hand is in RotS to the CIS ships in TCW and how busy the bridge looks compared to the ones in TCW.