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Darth Sadifous
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The Rise of Skywalker: Ascendant (Released)
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3-May-2020, 9:24 PM

jarbear said:

@Hal’s first post

Reasonable question about why use them. The main reasons I came up with playing with this idea was …

1.) Already crazy that Palps has a Sith butt load of ships. With that butt load, you need even more butt loads of people for both piloting … and troops. Lots of them. Cloning helps with that.

2.) Cloning is brought back, a la Palps. He is a clone … so he and his crew still have the cloning ability, so why not?

3.) For “movie” cannon, viewers watching these movies know that “That voice is a clones voice!” so we connect that dot.

4.) In TFA, Kylo mocks Hux about using a clone army, inferring that the FO method may not be as good as clones.

5.) We like clones.

That’s about it. It is more of a fill in the gap on why the heck there are so many “baddies” out of no where. TROS already doesn’t make sense and we all understand we have to let go of common sense, but this is a minor thing that is easy to implement.

There aren’t really any other scenes to add these clone sounds, since we are talking about like 10 seconds worth of Sith troop footage. I did add a Wilhelm scream when a group of them were grenaded by Jana … but that’s all I got.

As for Hals second post: I would LOVE to see Rey’s lighting be yellow. (Also remove the crackle, but the yellow lighting is a cool concept.

I would also think it would be cool at the end, with Jonh’s footage using the Force Ghost to help out Rey, having the final lighting push back be white or something would be neat too.

I’ve been advocating for this exact thing for awhile. I believe it would help logically explain who is manning the Sith Fleet. It would help link the prequels to sequels and make the films feel like a more cohesive saga. Also it goes hand in hand with Palpatine’s own cloning in TRoS. I’m not an FX expert like many of my fellow posters, but I’d love to hear the voice of the prequel clones or even a deepfake of “Jango’s” face on the bridge crew of the Sith Fleet Star Destroyers.