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Terminator Zero Hour (T2 Extended - Sequel to Countdown) (Released)
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28-Apr-2020, 12:29 PM

I tried to give you some positive feedback for Countdown in the other post and I will do the same now. I think the first one came up really great as an edit, except for a minor detail that I explained in the Countdown thread. As for this one I have to say that I couldn’t finish it. Not due to quality, but sound. I liked the beginning with Bale (although I have my doubts due to characters age, shouldn’t John Connor look older by 2029?).

My problem with the movie was with the scene after the bar. I get what you where aiming for with the music change, but I found several problems with that scene. First, it’s extremely loud, too much, as you can’t hear the conversation between the shotgun guy and the T800. Second, you can still here the beginning of Wild thing, which feels weird with the introduction of Swat attack so sudden and loud. Third, I think for anyone who has watched the movie before, that scene is such an iconic moment that changing the song doesn’t seem to fit properly. Also the bike sound doesn’t fit the bike moves.

After this scene there seemed to be a problem with the sound, (maybe it was my computer), too loud at times to low some others I spent the next 20 minutes of the film turning the volume up and down until I decided to stop. Seems odd cause for T1 the sound was not an issue at all.

I am not degrading your job, at least that’s not my goal. I just wanted to share my thoughts and feedback. I really like your ideas for this and I appreciate the effort and thought you put in it. I really hope to see a V2 with the sound issues fixed. Great job!