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Fan Edit Legal Status
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27-Apr-2020, 6:34 AM
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27-Apr-2020, 6:38 AM
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Hi Alderaan94,

The following threads may be of some interest on the subjects you mention in your above post…

Legality, fan-edits, and more. Legality, fan-edits, and repercussions (2017 thread)

Legality of Fan Projects (2006 thread)

^ The ‘Phantom Edit(s)’ section of the An Index & Help Thread for Star Wars Fan Edits and Other Projects… thread (especially the ‘A few articles from around the time of release on ‘The Phantom Edit’’ segment) is also well worth a read as to some of the legal, ethical and moral standpoints on fan projects - and includes quotes from both George Lucas and Lucasfilm on the subject.


The site’s Fan Edit / Preservation Forum Rules and FAQ and the Linking Policy within, along with the I have found a Fan Edit / Preservation I am interested in - but don’t know how to get / acquire / download it? section of the ‘How do I do this?’ on the thread… should provide you with the information you seek.

Also feel free to seek out the advice of other fan editors or preservationists on the site, via PMs, as to how they make their projects available in general.


As to the people who look to sell and profit from the exhaustive work undertaken by the likes of Harmy and others in their respective fan-made projects (who make available their work for free and state you must own the official retail release before acquiring their work) - the following thread may be of interest…

Dealing with People Selling Fan Projects (2017 thread)

^ It is worth remembering pirates, scammers, thieves and leeches have been around long before the internet - selling other people’s work on tape or disc back in the day - at con halls, on market stalls, pubs and bars, some of more ‘dodgy’ video shops, and even order by mail etc…

Nobody likes it - it is not an excuse or justification - but is an unfortunate ‘fact of life’ in being part of being a content producer in the fan edit / preservation community… somebody may well put your work on a disc and sell it online etc. There is unfortunately no other way around it - other than to continue reporting these sellers, and also highlight to others that these projects are available for free with little-to-no effort - a little patience - and also owning the official retail release of a project, of course.

Harmy’s informative ‘Fan Edits (& Fan Preservations) Must Never Be Bought Or Sold’ video on youtube is a useful tool for this - and also a reminder of how these sellers endanger the whole fan edit / preservation community.