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Stranger Things - Film Edition (Released)
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25-Apr-2020, 10:15 AM


I decided to revisit the whole project from the start, since I have not been happy with the final result for some time now. Many transitions between scenes were a bit rough and some plotlines may have not been quiet easy to follow.
Major adjustments accured on all three films for better pacing and a more immersive experience for first time viewers and fans alike. Naturally, this also made the movies a bit longer.

As soon as all three films are available for sharing I will post another announcement and update the original post with the new runtimes and changelists.

For now, I can share with you some of the changes I made for “Stranger Things 2”.
As some of you pointed, losing Eleven’s storyline may has not been the brightest choise. So, in this approach
I decided to include her whole arc insted of a flashback later on.
But this choice lead to a much longer final cut. So, in my current cut for “Stranger Things 2” I left out the whole Lost Sister plotline, since many viewers find it odd and hasn’t really anything to do with the overall story.

In order to justify some developments throught the movie, I made two new scenes.
The first one is a dream sequence at El’s mother’s house where she sees what happened back in Hawkins which leads to her return.
(password: edit1)
The second one is an alterantion of Brenner’s voiceover while El is closing the Gate, replacing his footage from Kali’s illusion with scenes from Season 1 and including a brief appearance of El’s mother istead of Kali.
(password: edit 2)

While I do believe that losing the Lost Sister plot makes a better movie, it surely creates a problem with El’s new punk look. I can only hope that Hopper’s comment about Aunt Becky giving her those clothes makes up for it.

Now, in case Kali returns in future seasons, I also made another cut with the whole Lost Sister plot in it.
In this cut, El travels to Illinois after finding out about her sister in her contact with her mother in Hopper’s cabin.
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