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Small details that took you FOREVER to notice in the Star Wars films
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24-Apr-2020, 2:32 AM

JeremyJenki said:

This doesn’t count but I recently found out that General Veers is played by the big bad in The Last Crusade, I don’t know why but I thought that was funny. Hitler was also played by another Imperial admiral, the guy who gets choked by Vader.

Snap! I only realised this quite recently. And while looking at the cast list of Game of Thrones, I noticed that Julian Glover also played Grand Maester Pycelle: the old, lecherous adviser with a white beard on the Small Council. I thought those eyes were familiar.

Going back on topic and sticking with Veers: it took me about 35 years to realise the AT-AT commander (with the groovy helmet) was the same character as General Veers…