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Hadrian sunrider
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Conclude the Original Trilogy differently
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23-Apr-2020, 9:41 AM
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Anakin Starkiller said:

I see you took cues from DotF.

Definitely the gist(battle of coruscant, force beacon, grassroots revolution)

But vader, palpatine and luke are actually involved and the alchemical ritual serves as a ticking clock…unlike in DOTF where whatever ben and rey are doing have absolutely nothing to do with the plot on coruscant as Jenny nicolson states in her review for duel of fates.

As for palpatine’s plan…he intends to provoke luke into killing his father so that the emperor can transfer his essence into luke after he blackened his soul just enough for possession, whose connection to the force along with palpatine’s knowledge of force draining will allow for palpatine to smoothly transition to godhood. It is revealed that palpatine is darth bane, who had been possessing the bodies of his apprentices for the past 1,000 years. He wanted to possess anakin before his body was ruined and now sets his sights on luke.

Basically a mixture between return of the jedi, TROS and duel of fates with a heavy dose of fullmetal alchemist.

The beacon sends a telepathic message to every living being in the galaxy, provoking revolutionary fever that will permanently reshape galactic politics as every planetary obelisk is destroyed by the people(not rebels, just normal people) bringing about an era of revolution against all forms of unjust hierarchies.