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Hadrian sunrider
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Conclude the Original Trilogy differently
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Opening crawl

For more than 20 years, the now-disbanded imperial senate’s greatest obstacle to restoring the republic’s democratic institutions was a golden age of economic growth which incentivized the people to overwhelmingly support emperor palpatine’s reign.
A popularity that vanished after the collapse of the imperial economy due to the immense construction costs and subsequent destruction of the death star along with its role in the destruction of alderaan, leading to the rebel alliance’s exponential growth. The emperor mysteriously shuts down all galactic communications as reports surfaced from the millions of the worlds from across the empire that their imperial black obelisks are glowing red.
Luke Skywalker and his allies are captured by jabba the hutt during their rescue of han solo, forcing them to launch a desperate plan to escape.

The basic plot

The movie begins with luke, han and leia vs jabba and his goons over the sarlac pitt…beginning the story in earnest.


Luke Skywalker discovers that for the past 20 years, emperor palpatine has been planning an alchemical ritual that will absorb all life in the galaxy in order for palpatine to become a living God. However, all communication between planets have been completely severed. Luke skywalker launches a daring plan to activate the force beacon under the jedi temple to send a message across the galaxy about palpatine’s true intentions…inciting the people to destroy the obelisks across the galaxy…made all the more scarier by vader’s own pursuit of his son.