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The Outsiders (1983) Servanov Theatrical HD Reconstruction (Released)
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22-Apr-2020, 2:10 PM

SpacemanDoug said:

If Amazon video has the theatrical version in HD, wouldn’t there also be the risk of it being pan and scan?

To answer that question, I don’t believe so, unless they have some reason to use a 4x3 or 16x9 master, which I can’t imagine why they would. Also, I dug into it a little bit and the amazon version is probably not a high definition version of the theatrical version. In fact the amazon reviews from people talk about it being the director’s cut when you watch the film from amazon. I have seen several TV airings and they either use the complete novel version or they use the theatrical from the same SD master. Again, I can’t be certain about amazon, but I do doubt they have the theatrical in HD. If someone can confirm/deny this with screenshots and/or footage, that would be awesome, thanks!