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Gabriel Dulac
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Unusual Sequel Trilogy Radical Redux Ideas Thread
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22-Apr-2020, 1:48 PM

Here are my sequel ideas.
I came up with the idea of there being two Star Wars Galaxies, the beta galaxy containing the Blue Ray versions of the Original Trilogy and the Disney Canon and the original galaxy containing the theatrical versions of the original trilogy, the early Expanded Universe, and alternate prequels and sequels. In our universe, the Whills influenced Lucasfilm to document the historical events in the beta galaxy but in other parallel universes the Whills influenced Lucasfilm to document the historical events in the original galaxy.

In those universes, the prequels were produced soon after the original trilogy and the first sequel movie titled the New Jedi Order was released in 1999 and takes place 22 years after A New Hope. It contains Jacen and Jaina Solo. Jacen is played by a young Adam Driver.

Then came the animated New Jedi Order TV series.

Then in 2005, the movie Star Wars The Rise of Ren was released, which documents Jacen’s turn to the dark side and becoming Kylo Ren.

Then in 2007, The Force Awakens was released. The main protagonist was Kira who is played by Megan Fox instead of Rey since Daisy Ridley was too young. Finn is played by Michael B. Jordan since John Boyega was too young. The plot does not copy A New Hope and unlike Rey, Kira is not a Marie Sue

In 2009, The Last Jedi was released. In this version Luke was not out of character, he went into exile to the First Jedi Temple to seek knowledge on how to defeat Snoke. There are no annoying Admiral Holdo scenes. It is another character that sacrifices themself to ram the “Raddus” into the Star Destroyer. And Snoke does not die. He remains the main antagonist.

Finally in 2011, the last sequel movie Duel of the Fates was released. Part of the plot is similar to Colin Treverrow’s leaked script. The character Rey played by Daisy Ridley appears in this movie as another stormtrooper who defected from the First Order.

The ending is similar to the Rise of Skywalker except that it is Snoke who is confronted in the final battle. Palpatine does not come back from the dead.