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Darth Sadifous
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Dom's (Possibly) Useful TROS Edit (WIP)
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19-Apr-2020, 9:46 AM

DominicCobb said:

The Final Order Revealed:
(rough, as always)

  • New music
  • Extended reveal a bit (pushed back when Palpatine starts talking)
  • Cut out Rey being “not who she seems”
  • Cut to Rey meditating after, instead of the Falcon

I really enjoyed this even though I am not a strong advocate for Rey being changed to a nobody. However, I understand why many want this change and have loved viewing all your edits so far. Quick question, perhaps you have already answered this before. Do you plan on adding in Palpatine’s “Fortnite Speech” in this edit? I really like it and though this may be the scene to overlay it as we see the sith fleet rise from the ice.