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Star Wars: The Phantom Menace - Faster, More Intense!
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13-Apr-2020, 3:31 PM

Surprise! I’m more or less done with a V2 of this edit, although I’m going to need help with a custom crawl and credits. The new version is built from the ground up using Hal’s 1080p v6 of Cloak of Deception as the only video source, along with his lossless audio and a few patches of audio from other edits and various other sources.

As for what to expect, it follows the same basic philosophy as V1 and includes many of the same cuts, but it’s a little more reigned in. I pulled back on a few cuts in V1 that I felt weren’t seamless, either due to audio transitions or continuity.I also included some things that were excised in the original cut because I’ve warmed to them a bit, or felt they were ultimately harmless. In particular, two short scenes are re-added in the first act that appear in Hal’s edit, since I felt the pacing in my V1 was a little too “fast and intense”. Jabba the Hutt also appears during the pod race this time around.

Once I get around to titles and credits, I’ll watch it through again and upload the new version.