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Cameron Samurai
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The 'Final' Season Of The Simpsons (Possible Team Project?)
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13-Apr-2020, 9:43 AM
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2-Jul-2020, 6:39 AM
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Cameron Samurai
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For years, we’ve all heard the familiar chorus,  “They’ll never stop the Simpsons, have no fears, we’ve got stories for years”…well, consensus on the internet is they ran out of stories and drive to do better decades ago, yet they persevere, the bar considerably lowered year after year…oh sure they’ll be a few standouts, but they’re spread far beyond and even between what we usually get.

So the challenge lies with the fans…let’s create the ideal 26-episode  ‘final season’, we can achieve this by carefully cherry-picking the best of the weaker seasons, or ones that provide sufficient ‘closure’ for some existing plot points and character arcs, or by fan-editing/fan-mixing episodes together, (this can include material from the various Treehouse of Horrors also), to add to the ‘season’.

Youtube Channels like ‘Dark Simpsons’ shows editing episodes into something totally different can be achieved, so we surely we can attempt it on a bigger scale.

Here are a couple of articles that can help