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Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker Redux Ideas thread
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6-Apr-2020, 5:08 AM

Lesser said:

I had a thought on just changing all the fog in the interior to a greenish and possibly add nightsister chanting from the Clone Wars to add to the resurrection aspect. Not a necessary edit but it could be neat to play around with, and if not it’s just another color change option.

This idea deserves a lot of respect!

From an EU perspective, we know that the Nightsisters had resurrection-like magics, and we know that Palpatine cowed them during the Clone Wars.

But the key here is that even without knowing that, it still works. The green is a lovely evil shade that takes us off the usual blue-red Jedi-Sith spectrum and implies that Palpatine has tapped into even more mysterious arcane methods to bring about his return.

I think that this, coupled with changing the vats to have Palpatine bodies, uses all of the established Star Wars rules to far better justify Palp’s return:
Cloning technology + ‘many abilities some consider to be unnatural’ + Nightsister magics => ‘More than a clone, less than a man’.