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El Capitain
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Alien 1979: Love scene reconstruction
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5-Apr-2020, 11:53 AM

Hi everyone!
Here is my first topic here.

I tried to do something special for all the fan editors.
As you all know, there is no “Love Scene” of Ripley and Dallas in the film, which was left only in the script. So I tried to reconstruct it for integration into various fan-edit projects.
I used casting video of Sigourney Weaver’s casting from DVD/BD bonuses and an animated 3D-model of Tom Skerrit’s face to make the integration more organic. Video is upscaled to 1080p via Topaz Gigapixel.
The voiceover still belongs to Ray Hasset…

Here is some screenshots:

If you need this for your fanedits - you can take it here

I am not a 3D-artist, not a designer and not a editor - here is my first attempt on video editing. But I hope this will be useful to someone. You can use it in your fanedits as you wish.