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Episode 7, 8 & 9 - 2-hour Edit (a WIP)
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4-Apr-2020, 5:35 PM

EddieDean said:

Really interesting concept. What role does Snoke play in this? And how does the Rey/Kylo arc conclude?

Snoke does not exist at all. No mention of a Supreme Leader, I always found that to sound hokey. Kylo started the FO and Hux is the Tarkin equivalent.

Unfortunately, the Rey/Kylo relationship is not as fleshed out as I had intended. The original idea was for Rey to leave Luke’s Island and take the escape from pod from the MF (TLJ) to see Kylo after expressing how he can be saved. That is how she ends up captured, It makes her escape more plausible now having some training from Luke. It would have been easy enough to dub over Kylo’s dialog to change it to closer to the conversation in the elevator in TLJ expressing how she wants to help him. I’ve done rough cuts of this and it just doesn’t seem to work atm. Her costume change is jarring and the lightsaber continuity is too much to fix imo. So rn Rey, Han, Finn and Chewy land on SK base and we immediately cut to the scene with the 4 of them outside ready to plant the explosives. Kylo dies on SK base.