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Anakin Starkiller
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Star Wars is actually based on the novel series by Arthur Dikto and Steve Frapeo. There were several changes made in the adaptations.

For one, Han was made a human instead of a green gilled alien. Leia being a Skywalker was added. In the books, the Death Star wasn’t destroyed until Return of the Jedi, but they didn’t think they were gonna get a sequel so they blew it up right off the bat in the movie version of A New Hope. Ironically, they knew TFA would be successful, yet Starkiller Base is blown up in the first one.

The movie version of The Phantom Menace majorly beefed up Jar Jar’s role, but due to poor reception, this aspect was dropped from further films. Anakin was also significantly younger. Attack of the Clones was pretty long book, so lots of things had to be cut from the film for time. Ki-Adi-Mundi’s backstory was cut and the character was weirdly sidelined overall. There was also a side plot involving Asajj Ventress that didn’t make it in.

Rey’s parents were revealed to be Palpatines in the book version of The Last Jedi. When the film went a completely different route, hardcore fans were none too pleased so they backtracked on it in the film version of Rise of Skywalker. The book version of Rise of Skywalker was also incredibly long compared to the others, leaving more elements on the cutting room floor as well as many scenes feeling rushed.

Having the same authors, the book Saga is a lot more consistent in tone, although that tone is fairly dry, being closest to that of the movie Prequels.

Rogue One and Solo were not based on any books and were simply based on a few basic notes by the authors.

The end of the javelin opposite to the point is called the ‘nubb’.

The correct term is yub nub.