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RELEASED: "Star Trek: The Motion Picture (Special Longer Version)"
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31-Mar-2020, 3:15 AM

I can’t thank you folks enough for the help and the tips. I’m going to try to slow down and rethink this since I have a little more time (thanks to this virus mess) to work on it and better materials to work with. I’m going to try to take my time and do a good job on this…though I’m going to try not to take too much time. I’m excited about this project and I’m learning a lot. I’m thinking I may be able to come along half way and do this in 720p. I tried the Dandere2x scaler which pretended to work without errors but could only generate files that were no more than 17mb or about 72 frames. I resized a couple shots in Film9 that look ok but I’m not quite happy with it yet. My machine doesn’t have a powerful enough video card to run the gigapixel trial so I’m just going to have to keep messing around with free stuff. I’ll give Video2x a try next and if that doesn’t work I’ll just try to see how rough it is to bust open these clips and save the individual frames into a folder and resize them with Waifu2x one at a time and then reassemble them. This is turning out to a pretty fun project and this place has turned out to be a wonderful community. I’m going to try to do a good job on this so I can give something back. I gotta get this thing done so I can work on cleaning the 36-40 Flash Gordon serials next!