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Terminator Zero Hour (T2 Extended - Sequel to Countdown) (Released)
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29-Mar-2020, 5:43 PM
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14-Aug-2020, 11:06 AM
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Terminator 2 : Zero Hour / Aka a Fan edit of T2: Judgement Day. This is a sequel to the other Fan Edit “Terminator Countdown” this makes the franchise only 2 films.

 The film starts with Bale's John finding the T100 plant (Scene from Salvation) 

Music is changed when T100 walks out of the bar. From Wild Thing to ‘Swat Attack’ from the T1 Soundtrack. This is to make it look like Arnold maybe another treat to John. More serious tones are taken with Arnold’s character until it is revealed that he is on John’s side.

  Almost All the deleted scenes were added back into the film. 

Movie Ends with the flash forward of Sarah in the park. Clipped in with her dialog about winning is the scene from Dark Knight with Bale at the political party. Showing the audience that John is a happy adult in this future. They’ve won, the T100’s sacrifice worked. Ending off the series.

Any scenes of John will be replaced with Bale.

Both this and Countdown are available to watch. If you send a PM, or Comment saying you want a copy, please have your own copy of Terminator or T2, for legal reasons.