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Alfred Hitchcock said:

The silent pictures were the purest form of cinema; the only thing they lacked was the sound of people talking and the noises. But this slight imperfection did not warrant the major changes that sound brought in… In many of the films now being made, there is very little cinema: they are mostly what I call ‘photographs of people talking.’ When we tell a story in cinema, we should resort to dialogue only when it’s impossible to do otherwise.

I’m a visual/visceral artist. I enjoy crafting worlds and conveying my ideas through imagery and sound cues; I don’t enjoy writing dialogue. Much of my writing process is spent ruminating on dialogue, and it keeps me in doldrums. Some screenwriters are Tarantinos, and God bless 'em, but others are Murnaus. I’m a Murnau. Time has come for me to internalize that.

Talkies are so 1927, anyway.