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Broom Kid
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Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga 4k UHD -- 27 DISC Boxed Set -- 3/31/2020
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27-Mar-2020, 2:53 PM

No one’s arguing that Disney’s decisions are somehow more appealing, just that everyone should be pretty used to this by now, especially here.

No one’s saying “why are you frustrated” because everyone’s frustrated. We all know why.

Anyway, has anyone heard whether or not that blu-ray only Skywalker Saga set DEFINITELY has the 19 transfers, and not the 11?

I’m still not getting it, but it’d be nice to have the weird question from yesterday cleared up. It seems to me like people are confusing the single-disc blu-only release from months ago (which was a 2011-stock-clearing-exercise) as being part of the big push coming on Tuesday (which is newly produced product).