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ROTJ DE Victory Celebration Edit
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27-Mar-2020, 8:06 AM

SparkySywer said:

Bruh I was telling you in PM I already made this years ago I just need to rerender it : (

As for why Trillary Dump’s restoration looks blurry there, it’s because the footage is taken from an upscaled 576i PAL DVD, which is the highest quality version of the scene in that form, at least until that film scan comes out. Unless you’re willing to have Naboo in the planets sequence (which is inaccurate to the '97 ending, plus it has Gungans in it, one of which says “Meesa free!”), this is the best we have right now.

Replacing the Endor shot with Harmy Despecialized would take care of that particular part, but the whole sequence is DVD quality, and you can’t replace the whole thing with Harmy or the Blu Ray.


Sorry, i was not understanding so i wrote this post. My english is not perfect and i didn´t understand what you were saying.

You are using Blu Ray for most of the ending, except Tatoiine-Coruscant transition and Hayden part right?
And… Which Sebastian Shaw footage are you using, the one from 97 Restoration or Harmy DE version? Ghosts look quite different in both versions, with Harmy´s ghosts looking more blue and illuminated.