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ROTJ DE Victory Celebration Edit
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26-Mar-2020, 3:06 PM
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26-Mar-2020, 3:07 PM
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I am working on a ROTJ edit that combines Harmy Despecialized Edition 2.5 with the ending of trillary dump’s 97’s Special Edition HD restored.

I am having a lot of problems with this project, that shouldn’t be too much difficult, because my Sony Vegas Pro 16 is not importing neither Despecialized m2ts nor 97’s reconstruction MP4 ( converted from MKV) correctly. DE just can’t being imported in m2ts even after remuxing and keeping just video and one audio track.

I tried to convert it to MP4, converting DTS HD MA 5.1 or Stereo to AC3 and It doesnt work.

Vegas is able to import the video only in MP4 format but the audio track is not working, when i play the timeline there is just an annoying blurrying sound.

That edit would consist basically in:

  • Harmy Despecialized Edition until Ewok’s are celebrating on Endor before Han and Leía scene. So DE would stop right after Han looks to the sky on Death Star destruction.

  • Then It changes to 97’s version with Han-Leia dialogue , Luke fire scene , planet celebrations.

  • I have noticed that first Endor shot after Coruscant looks too much blurry ( and some kind of pixelated) and dark in the restoration so i would put instead Despecialized version of that same shot that does not feature overlapped Ewok’s and it can be easily put in transition with a bit cut (at the end due to the original transition) Coruscant scene.

  • Then the edit continues with the 97’s ending celebration and features just the Despecialized Edition end credits.

If someone know how to fix that problems or is able to make this edit with other programs please any help would be welcome. I dont have much experience doing advanced edit.