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Darth Dougal
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How many times have you bought the movies?
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26-Mar-2020, 2:40 PM

Here goes:

  • Three different UK VHS editions of the original trilogy. I can’t remember if the first set was pan and scan but the second one was widescreen with a dark colour scheme and silver lettering. Unfortunately I fell for the hype around the final, THX release of the OT editions and sold the black VHS tapes - big mistake. The THX tapes had dreadful, smeary noise reduction.

  • ‘Exclusive’ box set of the OT SE DVDs from a UK record store chain that doesn’t exist anymore (MVC maybe, not sure). The discs were not unique but they came in a decent quality black card box. Still have that, plus the separate prequel DVDs.

  • ‘Complete Saga’ blu-ray box, with the painting on the front. Does anyone know who did that, by the way?

  • First issue blu-ray discs for the sequel trilogy (Ep. IX on the way), Solo (4k) and Rogue One.