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Is the theater where you saw Star Wars still standing ?
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26-Mar-2020, 1:41 PM

Saw this again and checked on Google Maps. It is no longer a theater. Still standing though. The street view has a good picture of it. I can see the side door where someone conned me into letting them in. It was a three screen theater with Mann. I can’t actually remember seeing any of the films there, but I have a clear memory of a Ray Harryhousen double feature (one was Jason and the Argonaughts) and Star Trek: The Motion Picture (I still have the Enterprise cutaway poster bought that night). But I lived in that city when all the OT were originally released. There was only one other theater in town, a single screen Fox theater (it became a community playhouse and still has the Fox sign - beautiful design details common to some older theaters). I remember seeing Battlestar Galactica, Buck Rogers, and the Wilderness Family there. There was also a drive in and I remember noting that my 10th viewing of Star Wars was there as a double feature with Logan’s Run. From my memory or which car we took, it was before July 1978.

I saw the SE in a theater a friend worked at and I think my second viewing of TPM and AOTC was there as well. That is where I saw TROS twice.

It’s funny, a lot of movies I know I saw, but so few have memories of exactly which theater tied to them. Like I know I saw The Black Hole, but no idea where. A few I can even remember down to which screen they were on.

I joined a FB group for my city and I’ve found where all the old theaters were in town. A couple are still standing. One is a parking lot. One old name has been recycled as a art house. The theater where I saw Dune is still standing, but it is a music venue. The only theater that still shows movies from when I was a kid is one my family owned at the time. I’m pretty sure I saw several Disney movies there. None of the rest are theaters any more and one isn’t even standing any more.