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What was George talking about here? In his conversation with Alan Dean Foster?
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26-Mar-2020, 12:46 PM

That is very interesting. I can see what Lucas did in the the PT. He took his idea of an inept puppet Emperor and his idea of a Sith overloard and he made them the same character. The inept seeming human as the public face while as the evil Sith lord he is actually the one controlling things. The ultimate in political duplicity. I though that was one genius thing he did in the PT.

And the castle concept came back for Rogue One. I’m glad there were no gremlins.

And we really don’t know Palpatine’s age. He could be quite old. There is nothing in the official canon to say (though some in the books and comics). And TROS has given us a deeper possibility that somewhere along the line the Sith started taking over their apprentices and while that is Palpatine’s body, the being inside is a mix of him and his predecessors and is a culmination of great evil. That fits with the makeup description.