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Dek Rollins
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Wallace & Gromit in "The Wrong Trousers" - Original Audio Preservation
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25-Mar-2020, 2:55 AM

With the DVD audio source in hand thanks to d00mb0yz96, I figured it was a good excuse to make a new, more complete version of this preservation. So this time around I synced it to the Blu-ray copy properly, at 25fps of course.

My old HD preservation had the BBC logo stuck in at the beginning, and the end credits had to be patched in from the altered DVD audio track. Now the entire short uses the original track via the 1999 DVD, with the only thing added from the altered track being the Aardman logo audio at the beginning, as the 1999 DVD doesn’t include any logos before the short. The opening BBC logo was left out to retain sync with the Blu-ray, since the 1999 DVD only has it at the end anyway. I found it quite a relief that there are no frame differences between the Blu-ray and the 1999 DVD, so no edits had to be made to the DVD audio at all.

I’ve also included the Blu-ray commentary track, adjusted to match the 25fps frame rate. I don’t know what the correct pitch is for the voice overs, but the audio from the short in this track matches the standard Blu-ray track, so I pitch corrected it on that basis. I also added the audio from the BBC logo at the end of the short for consistency.

This is a 4.14GB MKV. Both audio tracks are available separately as well, for those who want to correct the frame rate of their own Blu-ray copy and simply mux the audio in.

As always, drop me a PM for links.