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The Starlight Project Part 2: The Last Jedi
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23-Mar-2020, 2:14 PM

NeverarGreat said:

DominicCobb said:

NeverarGreat said:

Yeah, any issues with the power of Rey are secondary to the larger issue of her place in the story, which I think in TLJ becomes a bit usurped by Luke.

Here’s my question though, I also have an issue with that scene in the movie, but how is your change fixing that? Not saying it doesn’t I’d just be curious to hear your thought process.

I’d like to hear the specifics of your issue with it.

As for my thought process, as I said above, her powers are well established and clearly equal to Kylo’s according to the saber breaking scene. It may seem a bit paradoxical to cure the issue of Luke’s limelight stealing sacrifice with even more evidence of his awesomeness, but the important thing is not the miraculous acts but how they relate to the characters. Luke knows that the First Order will see his power and glory on full display with his illusion. He must also know that if he helps Rey save the Resistance through the lifting of the rocks, she will get the glory and legend for this act though he had a hand in it. I see it as a final gift to Rey, a vindication of her belief in the legend of the Jedi which he passes on to her in this moment. Luke may feel that he is undeserving of his legend, yet in the end he faces evil regardless. He sees the value in such an act, and now Rey has the opportunity to feel what he feels; generating a legend greater than her own acts to become a spark of hope.

My problems are basically, she’s the main character but in this sequence she is the B-plot to Luke’s story, but also I feel like this is where her arc for the film should be concluding, but we don’t really see her internal conflict. Basically, in my mind what they should have done is had Luke contact Rey and impart on her what Yoda imparted on him, that you can’t let failure get you down and all that, so Rey finds the strength within her to lift the rocks despite her failure her turn Kylo.

What you’re aiming for, I kinda feel like they already get that idea across just with him saying “I will not be the last Jedi” and then seeing Rey? Although I’m warming to it, now that I’m explaining my thoughts out loud. Depending on how your concept plays out it could make Rey’s rock lifting much more of it’s own moment beyond a cutaway from Luke’s speech. I can also see how Luke speaking to Rey would be a way of not just telling the audience that Luke is passing on his legacy to her, but Rey is being told as well. Hmm, it might work.