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The Starlight Project Part 2: The Last Jedi
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23-Mar-2020, 7:43 AM
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^ Seems Rey surprised her good self that she actually managed to lift the rocks - and that the attempt to do so did in fact require a focus of effort and concentration.

There is seemingly also a sense of wonder there too in Rey using the force for this task - Rey knows how to perform such a task from her learning various abilities during her interrogation by Kylo Ren. Yet she is unsure she can actually perform, or execute it, given her lack of experience or practice - and the situation she and her friends finds themselves in. To me, that sense of wonder, actually elevates the scene (no pun intended 😉)

For me, it is also a marker in her development - one where she can take confidence and belief from - on her journey / learning of her own ability to use the force.