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The Wizard of Speed and Time (1988) Mike Jittlov
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22-Mar-2020, 3:55 AM

I started a similar thread a couple of years ago, to little response sadly:

Anyway, I was finally on the verge of getting my 16mm prints of Mike’s shirts scanned when the current situation suddenly escalated; once things are back to normal, I’ll get it done! I’ll need to check with Mike first what he wants in terms of any kind of release though.

Mike has the negatives and rights back to WOSAT but doesn’t want to license the rights out to another distributor and is sceptical about crowdfunding, last time I spoke to him about it (admittedly a while ago) - so I don’t know how a restoration or re-release will ever happen.

I have the feature on US and Japanese LD, UK and German VHS and Spanish Betamax - just lacking the tech skills to do a fan preservation of any of it!