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Broom Kid
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The Mandalorian Discussion Thread - * SPOILERS *
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22-Mar-2020, 3:02 AM

StarkillerAG said:

Both are soft. Once you look past the technobabble, Star Trek has almost no scientific accuracy.

Vulcans alone are pretty much magic space elves. They can literally read your mind and TRANSFER THEIR SOULS by touching your head and reciting a mantra. And that’s before you get into stuff like “slingshotting around the sun” and Warp 10 salamanders.

I love Star Trek to death but the pretentiousness its hardcore fans have exhibited regarding how “serious” and “important” it is has always rubbed me wrong. Star Trek is hopeful, and idealistic, but it’s also very often dumb as rocks and silly as shit.

Just like hardcore Star Wars fans need it to be the epitome of meaningful, epic myth ALL THE TIME, and anything that suggests it’s more bad than good (and more superficial than meaningful) will set them off, Star Trek fans need it to be super-smart and intellectual ALL THE TIME, and anyone who reminds them it’s more bad than good (and more dumb than smart) just shorts them out.