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The Mandalorian Discussion Thread - * SPOILERS *
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21-Mar-2020, 1:28 PM
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21-Mar-2020, 6:17 PM
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I honestly wish Filoni would just let Ashoka die already. Or be uninvolved. Not that I dislike the character, but I think he’s already crossed into writing-fanfiction-with-his-OC territory.

Her sendoff in the finale of TCW season 5 was already a good ending, but she came back in Rebels. Her defeat by Vader on Malachor made up for it by being an even more emotional ending for her. But then she even survives that, to even after ROTJ! Then Filoni doubles down to before all this and says that Ashoka actually talked to Anakin after she left the Jedi Order, they apparently made up, and she led the Siege of Mandalore against Maul. Essentially, he took away the impact of both times her story ended, just to keep her alive or involved in the story. I think Ashoka was a great character, but Filoni has made her more important and powerful at the expense of a satisfying arc or reason. Her existence is purely fanservice at this point.

I kind of wished they did try to de-age Hamill for Luke or something. If Din really needs to meet a Jedi.