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Digital OT owners switched to Disney+ versions without consent?
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18-Mar-2020, 9:10 PM


Mocata said:

That would be interesting to hear the outcome of.

But I suspect the outcome will be “this is the only version that exists and it was never different because we’re Disney”

My main goal is just to raise awareness of this issue. I own a newspaper, have my own national TV show, etc, so I know I’m in a better position than most to raise a stink. Look at it like this: what if Prime Video, Vudu, Itunes, etc had sold Star Wars theatrical editions back in '06 when the limited edition DVDs came out, but years later they were allowed to change them to the special editions without your permission? It’s a very dangerous precedent and while most would assume Vudu’s TOS would give them great leeway here, shockingly, it actually doesn’t. I thought for sure they would have their ass covered in their TOS and couldn’t believe it only stated they had the right to remove access to your purchased content for a limited time.

99% of people won’t care, even if you raise a stink.