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The Rise of Skywalker: Ascendant
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18-Mar-2020, 3:40 PM

I’m currently reading the novelization and since so much discussion on this thread has been about the opening of the movie, I figured I’d summarize the opening of the novel. It shifts some things around and provides a framework for how a potential fan edit could look. I’ll start with the first chapter:

  • Opens with Rey floating with rocks and reaching out to past Jedi
  • She proceeds to run the training course, but completes it without having any force visions (struggles to fight off the red training remote but due to impatience)
  • After taking down the remote she has force vision…
    • jungle fades away and (Sith) whispers fill her ears
    • First image is of Kylo Ren attacking robed figures with his lightsaber (probably the sequence we get on Mustafar)
    • Second image seems to be her standing alone in front of the monolith on Exegol
    • Flashes of Luke, Kylo, Han’s hand on Kylo’s cheek, Rey’s parents flying away from Jakku
    • Finally, a voice in her head saying “Exegol” and an image of the Sith throne, first empty and then with her
      sitting on it
    • Vision ends and Rey helps BB-8 out from under the tree

Thoughts and feelings? I like that it begins the movie with Rey and Leia and then introduces the antagonist with less obvious footage and mystery (i.e. not immediately seeing Kylo and Palpatine interact).