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Was Star Wars ever released on home video in widescreen with the Dolby Stereo mix?
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17-Mar-2020, 6:20 PM

Is your question about the mix or it is if the other home video releases had the matrixed Dolby Surround encoding. The 1977 Stereo (encoded Dolby Surround) was never on home video in widescreen. It has been included in a wide variety of fan releases of the GOUT as well as the Silver Screen Edition and 4K77. All home video releases of the Star Wars trilogy were encoded for Dolby Surround. If you run any of them through a Dolby surround sound decoder, you will get the original 4 channel surround. Be it the original theatrical mix, the 1985 mix, or the 1993 mix for Star Wars, Empire, or Jedi. But if you want the 1977 experience, it was never on home video. Plenty of releases around here if you care to look. 4K77 would be the best quality all around. Plenty of tools to take the GOUT and replace the audio with the 1977 stereo soundtrack.