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Digital OT owners switched to Disney+ versions without consent?
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17-Mar-2020, 8:38 AM

CHEWBAKAspelledwrong is indeed correct - and yet the streaming service, an an actual ‘service’… could and should have notified you of the changes it was making.

It may be worth checking the small print in the contract - though I imagine the streaming service would have covered this eventuality somewhere in there where we almost never read.

A pop-up on screen giving you a heads-up that content had changed would have been both welcome and courteous, and not too difficult for the streaming company to achieve.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t highlight to your stream provider that a heads-up would be welcome in the future - or let them know you prefer earlier version ‘X’ over ‘Y’ etc. That this is the version you were paying for, expecting to view and experience, and is also the version that attracted you to their service.

And that if they change it again without notification you’ll be cancelling you subscription and raising awareness amongst your friends and colleagues on social media (negative PR usually has more chance of the person on the end of the phone sitting up and taking notice, running it up the flagpole and y’know… maybe them actually making a change or improvement to their service).