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His Dark Materials: Film Edition (Released)
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16-Mar-2020, 11:44 AM
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I have been a fan of Philip Pullman’s fantasy novels since I first read them, so I was very excited to see Pullman’s vision on screen through the 2019 TV adaptaion.
I think the series overall captures the essence of the book pretty well, but many things didn’t work for me.
My initial goal was to recut the entire eight-part series into one film without making it too long and bloated. After several attempts I came down to two film cuts.

His Dark Materials: The Golden Compass
Runtime: 2 hours 04 minutes

The first film includes Episodes 1-3 and is focused on introducing the world, establishing the characters and expounding the relationship between humans and their deamons.
I wanted this film to cover solely Lyra’s journey in her world, so I removed the entire plotline of Lord Boreal’s traveling to alternate Oxford. Some scenes of Lyra’s life in London and some parts of The Gyptians’ attempts to find the missing children have also been removed.

His Dark Materials: Nothern Lights
Runtime: 2 hours 38 minutes

The second film includes Episodes 4-8 and covers Lyra’s journey into the Far North.
I removed several bits of Lee Scoresby in Trollesund, most of the meeting with the Consul, Lyra’s first contact with Iorek Byrnison and the entire backstory of Farder Coram’s relationship with Serafina Pekkala. All of Mrs Coulter’s schemes with the Magisterium have also been removed, as well as many scenes at Bolvangar. I also altered Lyra and Lord Asriel’s reattachment, by removing his initial reaction.
The biggest change I had to make was the complete removal of Will Parry’s story and all of the scenes in his world with Lord Boreal. Will appears for the first time in the final moments of the film, when he discovers the entrance into the Multiverse.

PMs can be sent to me to receive download information as soon as both edits are available. You must own a legal version of the original material before viewing.